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Lawmen in the Wild West – Rules and Regulations

The first set of rules for western lawmen was put in writing in 1882, by David Cook, in his book Hands Up! or Twenty Years of Detective Life in the Mountains and on the Plains. These were: Never hit a prisoner over the head with your pistol. You may need it later and find it… Continue reading Lawmen in the Wild West – Rules and Regulations

Western Life

The History of Lawmen in the Wild West

When the westward migration began in the mid-19th century, there were many reasons for people choosing to make the journey. Most of them wanted a new start, including soldiers who had fought in the war and had no marketable skills, and those that saw business opportunities, as well as numerous criminals looking for a way… Continue reading The History of Lawmen in the Wild West

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Butch Cassidy – Gang Leader of the Wild Bunch

Many of the names of the outlaws in the Wild West have lived on through books, TV shows, old newspaper clippings and wanted posters. One of the era’s most notorious bank and train robbers was Butch Cassidy, who formed The Wild Bunch and later partnered with The Sundance Kid. Their criminal activity took place in… Continue reading Butch Cassidy – Gang Leader of the Wild Bunch

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Outlaws – The Greatest Surviving Legends of the Old West

In spite of all the major changes which took place in Western America during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, stories about outlaws seem to be the ones that we remember the most. The actions of these bandits have been the inspiration for many books and films, along with the relationships they had with… Continue reading Outlaws – The Greatest Surviving Legends of the Old West

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Jack Dunlop

Starting in 1846, the war between the United States and Mexican sowed the seeds of hatred in the hearts of people belonging to both countries. This Mexican American war ended up with the U.S. being victorious taking a large portion of Mexican land due to which Mexicans lost their homes and conditions changed on both… Continue reading Jack Dunlop

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Joaquin Murrieta

Joaquin Murrieta otherwise known as the Robin Hood of the West was a miner that emigrated from the Mexican village of Sonora to America in the pursuit of the Californian gold rush in 1849. Much like other gold miners migrating from far away lands to make a living and provide for their families, Joaquin was… Continue reading Joaquin Murrieta

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California Rangers

The Need for Rangers Back in the 1850s, California was swept with a gust of crime and killings perpetrated by not only the infamous “Five Joaquins” gang, but also other bandits following the newly discovered gold-mining potential in California. People from around the globe were immigrating and settling down in California to try their luck… Continue reading California Rangers

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Wyatt Earp – Legendary Gunslinger and Lawman

Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp has remained one of the most well-known lawmen from the Wild West. During his career, Earp served as Pima County Deputy Sheriff and Deputy Town Marshal in Tombstone, Arizona. He also played a key role in one of the most famous gunfights of all time, the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral,… Continue reading Wyatt Earp – Legendary Gunslinger and Lawman

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Colt Guns

COLT DRAGOON Remember the two huge pistols that Clint Eastwood brandished magnificently in the movie The Outlaw (1976)? Well, it they were two Colt Dragoons. This revolver was manufactured for the cavalry of the United States and entered into service in the war against Mexico. However, it was during the Secession war when its use… Continue reading Colt Guns

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Smith & Wesson

Founded more than 162 years ago, Smith & Wesson is an American firearm and ammunition manufacturer that provides its customers with a variety of weapons. Ranging from small caliber pistols to high caliber assault rifles, the options at Smith & Wesson are virtually limitless but one thing that sets apart Smith & Wesson from other… Continue reading Smith & Wesson