Western Life

Crimes in the Wild West

The bandits, gunslingers and outlaws in the Old West greatly outnumbered law enforcement agents. In addition to violent crimes, criminals used the inconsistent justice system as an excuse to commit robberies whenever they could. They were often caught and punished by vigilantes, whose penalties could be much more severe than those of the law. Some… Continue reading Crimes in the Wild West

Western Life

Native American Legends – The Ark on Superstition Mountain

Native American culture is rich with stories and legends, which vary throughout the tribes. Many of the legends are spiritual in origin, and have been passed down through generations by word of mouth. Tribe elders became the main storytellers, and did their best to ensure that tales of physical and spiritual origin was passed on… Continue reading Native American Legends – The Ark on Superstition Mountain

Western Books

The Fine Line is out today!

For Charles Wilson Merritt, one more bank job could be one job too far. Available in Kindle, Paperback and Hardback Former St. Louis City policeman Charles Wilson Merritt is now robbing banks with his cohort, Monty Pruegger. The plan was simple: just a couple of easy, small town jobs, where no one gets hurt, so… Continue reading The Fine Line is out today!