Western Books

Louis L’Amour

Louis L'Amour, also known Louis Dearborn LaMoore, and also goes by the pseudo names Tex Burns or Jim Mayo, is an American writer. He was born on March 22nd in 1908 in Jamestown, North Dakota. He is known as a best-selling author in the US and is celebrated widely for his work. He has written… Continue reading Louis L’Amour

Western Life

The Donner Party

In the middle of the 18th century, America witnessed one of the greatest numbers of migrations from East/Midwest to the Californian territory. Fascinated by the western economy and the catholic culture of California, it became a place where families from the East and Midwest saw fit to lead their lives and flourish. The journey by… Continue reading The Donner Party

Western Life

The Oregon Trail – America’s Pioneer Route

The main pathway followed by Americans looking for new lands and opportunities on the frontier, during the 1800s, was known as the Oregon Trail. The route stretched 2000 miles from Missouri, over the Great Plains and the Continental Divide, ending in the Californian gold fields and the Willamette Valley. Between 1840 and 1860 more than… Continue reading The Oregon Trail – America’s Pioneer Route

Western Life

Wild West Ghost Towns

At the end of the Old West era many boom towns were abandoned. Citizens packed their bags and left without looking back. Many of these are now referred to as ghost towns, because of their empty, haunting vibe. The violent nature of the era, and the killings that took place in the towns, have led… Continue reading Wild West Ghost Towns