The Fine Line

For Charles Wilson Merritt, one more bank job could be one job too far.

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Former St. Louis City policeman Charles Wilson Merritt is now robbing banks with his cohort, Monty Pruegger. The plan was simple: just a couple of easy, small town jobs, where no one gets hurt, so they could obtain the money to buy their own saloon.

But plans have a way of changing.

When two prostitutes enter their lives, with the power to love them, or destroy them, things begin to change making Charlie to question what is right and wrong. After a robbery goes bad and two tellers are killed, the law is after them and closing in fast.

Charles and Monty decide to pull one more job before retiring from outlawry. Their sights are set on the gold and silver hills of New Mexico, unsettled Indian territory, and bands of Apache and Ute renegades that won’t make the job easy.

“This hair-raising adventure in the Wild West explores the true meaning of law and lawlessness”
– Irene S., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing.