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Wyatt Earp – Legendary Gunslinger and Lawman

Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp has remained one of the most well-known lawmen from the Wild West. During his career, Earp served as Pima County Deputy Sheriff and Deputy Town Marshal in Tombstone, Arizona. He also played a key role in one of the most famous gunfights of all time, the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral,… Continue reading Wyatt Earp – Legendary Gunslinger and Lawman

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Colt Guns

COLT DRAGOON Remember the two huge pistols that Clint Eastwood brandished magnificently in the movie The Outlaw (1976)? Well, it they were two Colt Dragoons. This revolver was manufactured for the cavalry of the United States and entered into service in the war against Mexico. However, it was during the Secession war when its use… Continue reading Colt Guns

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‘Civilization’ of the American Indians

A major part of relocating the tribes was to ensure that they left their original ways behind and adopt European culture. Laws were established to ensure that Caucasian settlers, who were sympathetic to their cause, did not become involved in their attempts to maintain their ways. Boarding schools were built close to the new territories,… Continue reading ‘Civilization’ of the American Indians

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The American Indians – The Effects of Colonization

When Columbus discovered America in 1492, its indigenous people were already scattered across the land. Spanish settlers, and others that followed, began referring to the different ethnic bands, tribes and groups collectively as American Indians. Other terms used by these colonizers were Native Americans, Indigenous People and Aboriginals. The tribes were scattered throughout what is… Continue reading The American Indians – The Effects of Colonization

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The Donner Party

In the middle of the 18th century, America witnessed one of the greatest numbers of migrations from East/Midwest to the Californian territory. Fascinated by the western economy and the catholic culture of California, it became a place where families from the East and Midwest saw fit to lead their lives and flourish. The journey by… Continue reading The Donner Party

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Smith & Wesson

Founded more than 162 years ago, Smith & Wesson is an American firearm and ammunition manufacturer that provides its customers with a variety of weapons. Ranging from small caliber pistols to high caliber assault rifles, the options at Smith & Wesson are virtually limitless but one thing that sets apart Smith & Wesson from other… Continue reading Smith & Wesson


Yellowstone National Park – the Future

The Yellowstone National Park is one of the national parks of the United States and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most protected places on Earth, yet even then the changes in climate change are having a big impact on the ecosystem that exists. If people do not start doing something… Continue reading Yellowstone National Park – the Future


Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one of the parks located in the United States. It is also one of the first parks to be recognized as a national park by President Grant. The name comes from the river that flows within it, known as the Yellowstone River, and in 1978, UNESCO gave it World Heritage Site… Continue reading Yellowstone National Park

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Yellow Hair (Cheyenne Warrior)

Chief yellow hair or also mistakenly known as chief yellow hand, was an Indian chief and warrior named Heova'ehe. Yellow Hair was part of the Cheyenne people, the native people of the Great Plains who speak a special language called the Algonquian language. Like many other Indian tribal people they were skilled and trained as powerful… Continue reading Yellow Hair (Cheyenne Warrior)

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Solomon Star

Solomon Star was a famous politician and businessman in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He was a German-American businessman who turned into a politician in Deadwood South Dakota. He was honest, influential and had a strong character who is included in the leaders of America due to his work and time he gave to… Continue reading Solomon Star