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Weapons of the Wild West

“Guns That Won the West” is a famous topic that interests many Old West aficionados and firearms enthusiasts, for the purpose of discussion and debate. The debate is usually on the question if the West-winning gun was given the title due to the high quantity of its production, or for the work it mastered? Or… Continue reading Weapons of the Wild West

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Lozen (Apache Warrior)

Lozen was a skilled warrior and prophet of the Chiricahua Apache (also known as the Warm Springs Apache) tribe in the 19th century. Born in 1840 and the sister of Victorio, also a prominent warrior, she became a legend herself. Background A potent warrior, Lozen was not just a stalwart on the battlefield, her expertise… Continue reading Lozen (Apache Warrior)

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You may have heard the exclamation Geronimo in action movies or in some other media form at some point. It is basically a cry that is exclaimed by the United States army prior to engage in airborne activity. Geronimo is used by skydivers and those who are about to jump from considerable heights. It is… Continue reading Geronimo

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Battle of the Alamo

History is filled with countless legendary events and battles that are written in golden words. For those who know and those who don’t, Alamo is recognized as the site of Texas’s battle for independence from Mexico. It was such a unique historical battle, where all of the defenders were killed but the opposing leader “Santa… Continue reading Battle of the Alamo

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Sacagawea has numerous statues and place-names in honor of her contribution to the Lewis and Clark expedition. Sacagawea was born in 1788 in Lemhi County, Idaho. She was the daughter of a Shoshone chief and was captured by an enemy tribe after which she was sold to a French-Canadian who married her. Being a Shoshone… Continue reading Sacagawea

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Mountain Men (North American trappers)

Before Les Stroud and Bear Grylls were considered to be the macho mountain men, displaying their expertise in survival and being known for their overbearing masculinity, the mountain men, traders, or the ‘North American trappers’, were all residents of the Rocky Mountains during the 1820s and 1830s. The mountain men were known to be hunters,… Continue reading Mountain Men (North American trappers)

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Davy Crockett

David Crockett is known to be an American hero born on the 17th of August of 1786. The buck-skinned and fearless Crockett may be more myth than reality by this point, as many people may not remember him for what he really was, a soldier, frontiersman and politician. Since his death, his tales have been… Continue reading Davy Crockett

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Wild Bill Hickok

The famous American soldier who is more famously known as the hero from the Old West and the greatest gunfighter of his time -- Wild Bill Hickok. Even till date, if you find yourself searching for the greatest gunslingers of the Old West, Wild Bill’s name will be at the top the list of the… Continue reading Wild Bill Hickok

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Calamity Jane

You may have heard stories about the famous Calamity Jane but did you ever find yourself wondering why she was called Calamity? Of all the beautiful names in the world that she could have been known for why ‘calamity’? Who gave her this name and how did she get stuck with it? Let’s find out… Continue reading Calamity Jane

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The War of Texas Independence

The Texas Revolution was a momentous event in the history of America. It led to the acknowledgment of the Texan community and the establishment of Texas as a separate state from Mexico. Let’s explore the events that stimulated The War of Texas Independence and their effects. Conventions In 1832 and 1833, Texas colonists held conventions… Continue reading The War of Texas Independence