Western Books

Louis L’Amour

Louis L’Amour, also known Louis Dearborn LaMoore, and also goes by the pseudo names Tex Burns or Jim Mayo, is an American writer. He was born on March 22nd in 1908 in Jamestown, North Dakota. He is known as a best-selling author in the US and is celebrated widely for his work. He has written over 100 stories, most of which were loved by his audience and highly sought after. He wrote on formula westerns and these were very popular in their time and are still loved today. They were so loved because of how they portrayed the frontier life which was highly researched and familiar to the author. Sadly the author died in Los Angeles, California on June 10th 1988.

He was the last of 7 children of Dr. Louis Charles LaMoore and Emily Dearborn LaMoore. At the beginning of his life, he lived in Jamestown, California where he received his primary education. He lived with his family, as well as his grandfather who also began to live with them, and would tell him the tales of the battles he had witnessed, which was very interesting to the little boy.

Even though Louis was just a boy, he would read books expected to be read by adults. His sister was a librarian and would allow him to read in the library. He would read on topics that were not taught in great detail in school, laying the foundations for a great literary career.

Due to a fall in the economy, the LaMoore’s had to travel across the country to settle elsewhere. This gave the young Louis lots of exposure to the different aspects of life including mining, schooners, boxing, and even fruit pickers, all of whom became an inspiration for his writings later on.

L’Amour was not a name that many people were accepting of so he began to write under pseudo names and a book called Hondo which he wrote in 1953, became a best-selling novel as well a motion picture starring John Wayne. The fame of this book began to prompt him to write under his own name. His books were a huge success in the US and are still loved by many.

He wrote many famous novels including Kilkenny, The Burning Hills, How the West Was Won and many more. His books have sold 200 million copies and been translated into over 20 languages. He was one of the first novelists to receive a Congressional Gold Medal, and even the Presidential Medal of Freedom. His autobiography was later published in 1989.

He is a man that was celebrated for his talent of writing; he was known for his excellent knowledge and literature. He is still well renowned in the US and loved by many.

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