Western Life

Jack Dunlop

Starting in 1846, the war between the United States and Mexican sowed the seeds of hatred in the hearts of people belonging to both countries. This Mexican American war ended up with the U.S. being victorious taking a large portion of Mexican land due to which Mexicans lost their homes and conditions changed on both sides. Some were not happy with the overflow of immigrants in the U.S, particularly a man called Jack Dunlop, commonly referred to as a three-fingered jack. The reason why he was called three-fingered jack is unclear, some speculating that he might have had three fingers on one hand, but it is not confirmed.

Chinese immigrants

Hatred for these immigrants had reached such a point in his mind that he began dealing with it in his own way. Hanging Chinese from the trees by tying their hair to the tree branches was more like a hobby for three-fingered jack who used to laugh and enjoy their pain, but it all depended on his mood. When jack was in a pleasant mood, he generously freed the Chinese by cutting their locks, making them fall on the ground and keeping the remaining tresses as a souvenir. On the other hand, there were some Chinese whose necks were sliced by a knife attached by jack’s belt all the times. The irony in this whole scenario was the fact that Jack whose real name was Manuel Garcia was a person of Mexican descent, but was born in Texas. Being smart, Jack used to attack the Chinese because he was aware of the fact that the Chinese people at that time were members of the lower class of hierarchy and murdering them would not send him to prison.


Not a fan of white people, Jack had a different and somewhat kinder treatment for the Americanos –  the people whose brutal killing made Jack famous among California’s army agencies. Jack knew that killing white people so openly would cause him trouble, so he adopted a different method. Unlike the Chinese immigrants, he robbed and shot Americanos.

Death of Three-fingered Jack

After California had witnessed the death of many citizens, a special law enforcement agency was initiated and led by Captain Harry Love with the specific purpose of finding and killing Jack and his associate Joaquin Murrieta. After two months of struggling to find the Mexican bandits, the rangers camped in the hills where the bandits were reported to be, resulting in a fight between the California Rangers and the Mexican bandits, two men died which were claimed by the California Rangers to be Murrieta and Jack.

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