Western Life

Colt Guns


Remember the two huge pistols that Clint Eastwood brandished magnificently in the movie The Outlaw (1976)? Well, it they were two Colt Dragoons.

This revolver was manufactured for the cavalry of the United States and entered into service in the war against Mexico. However, it was during the Secession war when its use became more general.

It was a large weapon so it was more comfortable to shoot it by wielding it with both hands to avoid recoil. The California Bandit used it, and also Wild Bill Hickok in his first years of running the wild west.


Also called The Peacemaker, the Colt 45 was the most famous revolver of its time. With its unmistakable drum and a capacity of six shots, it was manufactured for use by the United States Army, but this weapon quickly spread throughout the west. The fact that it used ammunition of the same caliber as a Winchester 73 helped popularize its use. This model was the most common and was used by Wyatt Earp who interestingly rarely fired his gun. In fact, he only killed four men during his long career as a sheriff and lawman. On the contrary, he preferred to put his enemies out of combat by approaching them and hitting them with the gun barrel in the temple.

The “Peacemaker” played a vital role during the colonization of the American West. It was the first metal cartridge revolver and the most common short-barreled weapon. The most famous figures of the Wild West, such as Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid and the Dalton Band possessed this weapon. It was made from zinc cast iron with a wooden buttstock and a length of approx. 29 cm. Its weight was approx. 950 g. The Winchester 1892, the cowboy version of a Winchester, made a million copies of this model between 1892 and 1931. Today, this weapon is visible in Western movies depicting with civil war. The long hoop, on the other hand, is a Hollywood invention. It is welded in zinc cast iron with wooden stock. The length is approx. 94 cm and weight approx. 2700g.


Built by the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company in Paterson, New Jersey, the Paterson barrel revolver was produced from 1836 to 1842. This gun is the first barrel revolver launched and produced on the market by Samuel Colt and was also know by the name “Texas Paterson”.

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