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More Weapons of the Wild West

It is a fact that taming of the Wild West was done by the use of guns. This was the time period when the West was young, wild and restless. But the questions we have are – what was so great about the weapons of the Wild West? Was it the quantity in which the guns were produced or skills of the people using it? Guns were produced in large quantities and there were hundreds of different models and makes.

Following are some additional popular models that were used in that era. These guns are not only significant weapons of the Wild West, but are associated with some famous and well-known frontiersmen, icons and soldiers who played a part in establishing the West, both in reality and myth.

Yellow Hair’s Remington Army Revolver

In the year 1876, after the death of George Armstrong Custer at the battle of Little Bighorn, another battle took place which was known as the battle of Warbonnet Creek. The most remembered event of this battle was an encounter between Cheyenne warrior Yellow Hair and Buffalo Bill. During this battle, Yellow Hair was shot and killed by Cody. Yellow Hair’s Remington Army Revolver is the gun that was taken by Cody at this event. Fordyce Beals is known to be the designer of the first model.

Annie Oakley’s Smith & Wesson No. 3 Revolver

Annie Oakley was considered to be one of the best performers at Buffalo Bills Wild West. In order to support her family, Oakley started to hunt and shoot from an early age. During her life, it is believed that she ordered three of the Smith & Wesson No. 3 revolvers.

President Theodore Roosevelt’s Winchester Model 1895 Rifle

In 1909, Roosevelt took this great model along with the iconic .405 Winchester Centerfire Cartridge to the African Safari. This model was considered to be one of the best and portrayed a development in lever action technology. A box magazine was adopted for this model which was better suited for spritzer cartridges.

Liver-Eatin’ Johnson’s Hawken Rifle

Thanks to the Robert Redford film, this model is known by various names and is immortalized by Jeremiah Johnson. History describes Johnson as a legend who after the demise of his Indian wife declared a war on the Crow Nation, declaring them guilty of the murder. The stories also portrays Johnson as a soldier in the Mexican American War. This was the rifle used by him.

Buffalo Bill’s Springfield Model 1866 Trapdoor Rifle – Lucretia Borgia

This rifle was the one by which Cody earned the name Buffalo Bill. This gun was used by Buffalo Bill while Bison hunting at Kansas Pacific Railroad. Lucretia Borgia is the name he gave to this Rifle.

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