You can fight the Apache… you can run from your demons…
but you can’t hide from The Brethren.

For Jacob and Sarah Jennings, life in Spanish Fork Utah in 1866 seemed normal enough: at least to everyone else at church on Sunday. Their folks played the part of a loving family, but there was a secret that no one spoke of, and it ran deeper than Jake or his sister could have ever imagined.

When it festers to the surface, the two young siblings are forced to leave their shattered home and join up with Becky Hanlon who has a reputation for being “touched in the head.” The three youngsters make their way across savage Indian territory to get as far away from Spanish Fork as possible. But the Brethren Elders can’t let Jacob leave. Not after what he’s seen. And what he’s done.

For Jake, Sarah and Becky, surviving in a harsh land was a challenge like no other, but the danger that stalked them left them with no choice.